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Bathing Beach Case Appeal Decision - September 16, 2008
Private Nuisance Case Appeal - January 15, 2008
Rising Surge To Defend Beach Access - - October 4, 2007
Private Nuisance Case Dismissal - November 14, 2006
Bathing Beach Case Dismissal - September 12, 2006

A group of property owners whose houses in the dunes at the west end of Meadow Lane, Southampton, has gone forward with their $50 million lawsuit against Southampton Town and Southampton Village. Their ultimate goal is to see that our legal use of 4X4 vehicles on our beach is eliminated. To this end they are using every possible tactic that their unlimited financial resources will afford them. These tactics threaten our local authorities’ right to govern the use of our beaches according to the best interest of all the people. The "Lowell Harwood Newsletter" of November 3, 2005 states "I have been working on getting the 4X4s off the beach for the past 7 years. We can do it NOW."

SABA is a group of concerned local families, now over 1,600, who have joined together with the intent of enlisting the support from all of the people who use our beaches for family recreation, fishing, and relaxing with friends. Our use is legal. We protect and care for our beaches. We live in this community. We support the law as it is: protecting our rights to use the beach in the way we have for many generations. On October 5, 2005 a meeting was held to get organized. A slate of officers was elected, and various committees were formed. We welcome volunteers. Please feel free to contact any of the officers noted below or email us at We are continuing to work on our website which will provide you with updated news and information on the current issues at hand.

We do not want our rights to use our beaches to end. Join SABA today. As of October, 2013 we have over 1,600 members. Together we will have more strength. We must continue to write our state and local government officials asking them to preserve our rights to use Southampton Town and Village beaches in the way we have for many generations. We will keep you informed, contact local and state politicians, and speak on your behalf to boards, groups, etc.

"We cannot let this go unchallenged any longer!"

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President: Timothy Behringer, Sr. Vice President: John Kosciusko
Treasurer and Secretary Lauren D'Italia
Board Members: Anthony D'Italia
  Jonathan Archer


To join, complete the membership application (please print) and return it together with your annual dues of $20.00 minimum (per family) - larger donations gratefully accepted. Please make your payment payable to:

SABA ~ P.O. Box 2970 ~ Southampton, New York 11969

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